About Coach

As a leader and innovator in the real estate and personal finance arenas, Oliver J. Adams never stops improving himself! He is the proud owner of the well-established Oliver Adams Real Estate Brokerage Services, LLC, and Buyers Credit Coach, Inc. (BCC), a burgeoning business venture in the Atlanta metro area. Over the years, Oliver has worked in residential real estate specializing in new, existing, VA-Owned, FHA/HUD homes, and bank-owned homes and has sold million of dollars in real estate. As testament to his relentless drive, he accomplished all of this while serving as an active duty service member. Oliver decided early in life that anything worth having is worth personal sacrifices. Following the first Gulf War conflict in 1991, Oliver realized he wanted to get involved in real estate, so he took it upon himself to attend classes at his local college and has never looked back.

In addition to his outstanding military career and Real Estate profession, he founded a company named Buyers Credit Coach, Inc. The BCC project caught Oliver’s interest because he knew that soldiers don’t serve in the military to get rich! And often, soldiers, returning home from deployment, found they needed to correct many credit issues in order to buy a home, but the process was awkward, confusing and the tools didn’t exist or were all over the map! Oliver’s intuition and leadership led him to collaborate with soldiers, civilians and technology professionals nationally and the result was Buyers Credit Coach, Inc. He offers this service for free to all military members and veterans, in the belief these folks deserve the most help to have a piece of the American dream; home ownership on good terms.

What Is the Buyers Credit Coach System?

The Buyers Credit Coach system is a virtual professional coaching software designed to assist people with less than perfect credit. The software is designed to help people get organized, work a plan, and start controlling their credit report score destiny.

Working with some of the brightest minds in America, active duty soldiers Oliver and Bob Hendren, also a veteran, developed an innovative approach to credit assessment and resolution. Advocating a do-it-yourself approach, you can begin to use our system at www.buyerscreditcoach.com. This program will always be free to active duty military members. The BCC Program was reviewed by the Georgia Governors Office of Consumer Affairs and received approval from the Atlanta Better Business Bureau in 2006.

Oliver Core Values:

  1. Provide quality customer service from start to finish no matter how busy one becomes, clients should not be left to navigate financial pitfalls alone.
  2. Never make excuses is value learned through his military experience. Never claiming to be perfect, Oliver makes every effort to do the right thing.
  3. Subscribing to the highest ethical standards, Oliver takes pride in being a professional.
Education and Professional Designations
  • Enlisted as an Infantryman and graduated from Infantry boot camp in 1982.
  • Served as a NON-Commissioned Officer while branch transferring in the Signal Corps in 1986.
  • Oliver received his associates’ degree from the University of Maryland in 1989.
  • Graduate from the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute 1995.
  • He received his Real Estate Broker’s license from the great state of North Carolina while serving as a paratrooper in 1996.
  • Mr. Adams earned a Graduate Realtor Institute designation (GRI) 1997. This designation is a nationally recognized professional real estate designation for leaders in the industry, who have obtained extensive education on business and industry practices.
  • Mr. Adams obtained his Accredited Buyers Representative (ABR) designation in 1997.
  • He received his Real Estate Appraisal license in South Carolina 1998.
  • Graduated from the US Army First Sergeant Academy in 2001.
  • Oliver Adams received a Bachelors’ Degree in Business Management from the University of Maryland in 2002.
  • Received his Georgia Real Estate Broker’s license in 2003.
  • Cisco Certified Routing designation in 2004, through the US Army.
  • Became an accredited debt and credit counselor in 2005.
  • Currently working on his Masters Degree through Mercer University.
  • Collaborate with Financial Life Connections to finish his much-anticipated first book.